The Story Begins (Stonehand)


«Scene: Hero and Meryth talking»

Meryth: Welcome to Lore, Hero! We are in desperate need of your help.

«Scene: Screen changes to an erupting volcano with Sepulchure the DoomKnight standing on the edge»

I remember the day the invasion started…

«Sepulchure raises his sword and Shadowfall appeared in the sky»

«Sepulchure then points his sword downward, down the side of the volcano ordering the attack»

Sepulchure the Doom Knight decided that the time has come to attack!

«Two Undead Warriors are running down the side of the volcano»

He sent a vast armoy of Undead against the armoy of Good King Alteon

«Artix slays an undead warrior then gives a thumbs up»

«Undead warrior riding the dragon flys off»

«Artix starts running after him»

Artix the Paladin was battleing Undead left and right

«Scene: Back at Stonehand Tower»

«Artix slays another undead»

«Scene: Back to the hero and Meryth»

Hero: What in the world is THAT?!!

«Hero and Meryth both pointing»

<Scene: Undead riding the dragon seen destroying the tower»

«Scene: Back to the Hero and Meryth»

Meryth: My Tower!!!

«Hero runs off toward the tower»

«Screen fades»

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