The Storm Breaks


«Hero in battle with a Firestorm Soldier»

Firestorm Soldier: Poor little <Hero's Class>! You're starting to slip.
Firestorm Soldier: I must be too hot to handle!

Hero: It'll be a cold day in the underworld before I can't take you AND your Onslaught down!

Firestorm Soldier: Not mine. The warlord's. And when he hears about you…

«The ground shakes, the Hero strikes and the Soldier dodges»

Firestorm Soldier: That's my cue!

«The Soldier runs off. Scene changes to battle somewhere else, the Hero comes in with a jump strike, then scene changes to somewhere else in the battle»

Firestorm Knight: Firestorm… FALL BACK!
Firestorm Knight: RETREAT!

Hero: Yeah, that's right. Run. If you can't stand the heat…

Asher: Get your SMELL off my MOUNTAIN!

«In the distance, a mountain explodes»

Hero: Holy mana blast! Isn't that -

Asher: Feverfew Falls Temple. It is. Or… was. There can't be much left after THAT.

Hero: … We'll find out soon enough.

«Scene fades»

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