The Split


«Scene: Drakath and the Hero with Xiang in front of a vault in the forest»

Xiang: Drakath! I’m SO glad to see you!

Drakath: … !!!

Xiang: What do you think? Do you like what we’ve done with the place?

Drakath: … Oh, yeah, it’s really impressive. The little spikes were a nice touch.
Drakath: But what is going on here?! You were just yelling at me to leave!

Xiang: Huh? What are you talking about?
Xiang: I called you here, silly. Why would I send you away?

Drakath: You know what, fine. I’m not even going to argue with this. Let’s just get out of here.

Xiang: Wait. Before we do… I need your help with something.
Xiang: I need you to split us apart.

Drakath: Back into Xing and Xang? How interesting.
Drakath: And how would we manage that?

Xiang: There’s an object. A mirror, turned in on itself-

Xiang: I don’t think so! That’s enough out of you, sister!
Xiang: Hero, I’m disappointed. I thought you were on my side! Why’s he still here?

Hero: I’m so confused.

Drakath: Don’t you see? They’re both in there… two people in one form.
Drakath: One of them sees me as an ally… probably Xang…
Drakath: And the other sees me as a rival.

Xiang: A rival? Ha. As if you could compete with me now.
Xiang: I’ll show you how strong I’ve become!

«Scene fades»

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