The Song of Fate


«Scene: The Hero holds of the Song of Fate in front of a defeated Oh'Garr»

Hero: Now, let’s see what this thing can do. What do you say?

«The Hero, Dorian Mode, and Mozzy Mogbourne perform the song. The scroll flies up into the air and vanishes in a ball of yellow energy»

Dorian Mode: The song! It’s… gone??

Mozzy Mogbourne: What? But how? WHY??

Hero: It seemed like the right way to use the song’s power…
Hero: …to wish itself out of existence.

Mozzy Mogbourne: Well, I guess there’s no way it can fall into the wrong hands now.

Dorian Mode: But… why?
Dorian Mode: You could have wished MALGOR out of existence. You could have stopped the war entirely!

Hero: I actually tried to.
Hero: But it wouldn’t let me. It just… didn’t work.

«Dorian shrugs»

Dorian Mode: Ah, what a shame. Wonder why?

Mozzy Mogbourne: Guess <he/she> musta not really meant it.

Hero: What?? Of course I did!

«Mozzy smiles»

Mozzy Mogbourne: Nah. Not deep down inside. You’re too heroic!
Mozzy Mogbourne: There’s still some part of you that thinks you can save him.

Hero: Hmm. Maybe.
Hero: Or maybe I don’t truly want to kill someone who’s not here to fight back.

Dorian Mode: Well, whatever it was… just make sure you don’t waver when you get your next chance.

Hero: I won’t. I promise.

«Scene fades»

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