The Situation's in Hand


«Galanoth defeats Firebird and X'dir walks to him»

X'dir: Be still, DragonSlayer. Before you attack, learn what it is I have come to offer you.
X'dir: You are strong, perhaps not so wise, but passionate. And so very human.
X'dir: My Master realized your frailties, but also your strengths. He knows that if YOU ally with him, no one will suspect it.
X'dir: If you fight for him, attack the Primes, do what YOU do best… he will make you unstoppable.
X'dir: Think of it, DragonSlayer. Unimaginable wealth. Power. All you must do is bend knee to my Master.

«X'dir shows Galanoth an arm»

X'dir: And, too, he will see that you have a new, much improved arm with which to battle in his name.


«Galanoth strikes X'dir»

X'dir: Master! Help! PLEASE!

«X'dir throws arm on the ground, Galanoth picks it up, and Omom walks to him, Galanoth gives Omom the arm»

Galanoth: Little One, always there when I need you! Have you seen your Master and the other Priests? I msut talk with them.

«Omom nods and walks away»

Galanoth: Perhaps good will come out of this encounter with that dragon-dropping traitor after all. No reason to waste a working arm. Warlic should be able to make it work…

«Scene fades»

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