The Shinrin Do


«Scene: Ai no Miko holds the Shinrin Do while the Hero watches»

Ai no Miko: The Shinrin Do!
Ai no Miko: I can already feel the power radiating out of it… and into me.
Ai no Miko: It feels… right.

«Scene fades»

«Miko, wearing the armor, stands with the Hero back outside the cave»

Ai no Miko: I can do this. Father, I will avenge you.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Miko, some of her soldiers, and the Hero stand in Green Shell Village»

Hero: The kappa say that Jaaku's fortress on the other side the valley to the east.

Ai no Miko: Then that's where we will go.

Kame (offscreen): Wait!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Kame and a bunch of his fellow kames stand in front of the Hero»

Kame: We believe in you.
The two of you WILL free Yokai of this evil once and for all.

«Kame kneels in front of the Hero»

Kame: …and we'd like to be there when you do. Our blades are yours.

Ai no Miko: Thank you. With our strength combined, we cannot lose.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Jaaku stands in darkness»

The princess is becoming more powerful.
She will come for you soon.
And you're wasting time here, doing nothing to stop her.

Jaaku: She is nothing. A flea trying to slaughter a wolf.
Jaaku: I must focus on healing Orochi. The girl can wait.

And who was it that hurt your precious dragon?
Don't wait too long, Jaaku.

«Scene fades»

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