The Shadowflame's Power


«Scene: Abel, Galanoth, Hero, and Kyron»

Hero: Kyron! Are you alright?!

Kyron: <Hero>… You're here?
Kyron: Ugh, I feel that corruption leaving me.
Kyron: For anything I may have said… I'm sorry.

Hero: It's alright. Malgor manipulates people's negative emotions. And yet…
Hero: I wasn't there when you needed me, and I'm sorry.

Abel: <Hero>, I'd hate to break up this reunion, but the Avatars are summoning you back to the Firmament.
Abel: Don't worry, I will see to Kyron, and make sure he is returned to health.

Hero: Thanks, Abel. And Kyron, I will see you again soon, I promise!

Kyron: Thank you, <Hero>, for saving me. I'll see you soon.

«Scene: Fiamme, Galanoth, and Hero near the Elementals>

Celeritas: Thank you for returning on such short notice.

Voidstar: We have news.

Hero: So do I.

Tyndarius: We are sad to say that Tyndarius's forces are marching all over Lore. That Envoy of his has been making short work of our Elementals.

Neso: My creatures are doing all they can, but with Malgor's Shadowflame, even my waters are not enough to extinguish them.

Kyanos: Worst of all, we are still no closer to understanding *how* the Shadowflame works.

Hero: But I do!

«Everyone except hero»


Hero: It finally clicked when I was fighting Kyron.
Hero: Malgor's whole thing is manipulating people's personal trauma and anguish.
Hero: When I was fighting Kyron, he said that Malgor had taken that anguish *into* himself and given back to Kyron.
Hero: I think that Malgor takes more than just their anguish, but their power as well.
Hero: He is like a black hole, devouring any power it can consume.

Fiamme: So the excess power that would kill Tyndarius…

Hero: Is being absorbed by Malgor. That's why Malgor couldn't become the Fire Avatar himself!
Hero: He would just consume all the power!

Haeos: That makes sense, however, how do we fight something like that?

Hero: Leave that to me! Varga!

«Varga appears»

Varga: Yes, <Hero>?

Khazri: The Warfury?!

Hero: We need a place to train Galanoth and the other Champions. Do you have somewhere in mind?

Varga: I do, actually.

Khazri: What do the Champions have to do with this?

Hero There's no time! I'll explain later! Bye!

«Hero and Varga leaves»

Celeritas: Are we sure that Hero is our only hope?…

Tremblor: He must be. The power thunders off him. Don't tell me you can't sense his true… *ahem* nature.
Tremblor: Elucidas would love a chance to chat with our friend here. The Creation Dragons would be VERY interested in his role in how this timeline originated.

Voidstar: If he keeps disappearing without explanations like that, Elucidas won't get a chance. I will bury him in the deepest, darkest part of the Void…

«Black Screen»

Malgor: This is taking longer than I would have hoped.

«Scene: Malgor»

Malgor: And yet, the end is so close.
Malgor: From here, I can feel all of Lore's suffering.
Malgor: But they need not worry.
Malgor: I will consume it all.
Malgor: I will take away every ounce of anguish.

«Black Screen»

Malgor: Then finally, we will know peace.

«Scene fades»

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