The Shadowflame Avatar


Note: Also see Shadowflame Avatar (Defeat).

«Scene: ShadowFlame Phedra defeated»

Galanoth: Lady Fiamme!

Fiamme: Galanoth! Stay back!

Malgor: Look who finally decided to show up.

Hero: Malgor and Tyndarius!
Hero: What do you want with Lady Fiamme?!

Tyndarius: Only the power she was squandering!

Hero: Wait, what?

Galanoth: Mortals can not hope to contain the power of an Avatar!
Galanoth: You will die from this, Tyndarius.

Malgor: No he won't. Not with me helping him.
Malgor: Now, Fiamme, it was nice chatting with you, but we will be taking your power now.

«Malgor chokes Fiamme»

Fiamme: *cough* What… *cough* What is this?!
Fiamme: My… *cough* My Mana… It's being suffocated!

Malgor: Mana is weak. Submissive.
Malgor: Let my Shadowflame burn away that weakness from you.

Fiamme: Stop! *cough* Please!

Malgor: See how your powers abandon you when you need them most?
Malgor: A fitting punishment for your crimes.
Malgor: Drink more of the Shadowflame!
Malgor: Drown yourself in it!

Fiamme: Ahh! *cough* Ahhhhhh!

Malgor: Tyndarius, your prize, as promised.

Tyndarius: Yes…
Tyndarius: YES!!!
Tyndarius: This power… All this power!
Tyndarius: You had all this power and you did nothing?!
Tyndarius: HA!
Tyndarius: I will show Lore what an Avatar can really do!

Malgor: Do you see now, <Hero>?
Malgor: I can take down gods!
Malgor: There is nothing that can stop me!
Malgor: Join me, and we can finally put an end to Lore's suffering!!!

Hero: No… Not like this…

Malgor: Hmm, very well. I will just have to have Tyndarius knock some sense into you.
Malgor: And you…
Malgor: I'm sorry, Fiamme, but it looks like you have outlived your usefulness.

Hero: No!!!

Fiamme: Champion of Fire! Awaken!

Galanoth: You will not hurt Lady Fiamme!!!
Galanoth: Hurry, Hero! We must go! Now!

Hero: Galanoth! That was amazing!

Galanoth: Not now! We have to go!

Hero: Right!

Malgor: Intresting…
Malgor: Tyndarius, have your men bring them to me.

Tyndarius: Can I kill them?

Malgor: We'll see… For now, have them brought back.
Malgor: Alive.

«Scene fades»

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