The Shadow Will Spread


«Scene: Malgor sitting on the Queen of Monster's throne»

Malgor: The Warfury's army is putting up a good fight.
Malgor: …and so are the armies of Swordhaven, Shadowfall, and Yokai.

Shadow Knight Gar: I'm on it, boss!

Malgor: No.

Shadow Knight Gar: Oh, no. You're still mad about that pirate fiasco, aren't you?
Shadow Knight Gar: Come on, let me prove to you-

Malgor: Not your finest moment, I admit. But no.
Malgor: I need you elsewhere. Or have you forgotten that we still have <Hero> to worry about?

Shadow Knight Gar: I won't let you down again!
Shadow Knight Gar: But we still need a little BOOST to our power level here.

Malgor: Gar. Who's in charge here?
Malgor: I've already put a plan into motion.

Shadow Knight Gar: A brilliant one, I'm sure!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a dragon setting Arcangrove ablaze»

I'm sending my Dragonlords to Arcangrove.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Rayst forming a barrier to shield against the fire»

They will make short work of its meager defenses.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a smoldering Tower of Magic»

Once they've taken the tower, the secrets of the ley lines will be ours.
And our shadow will spread across Lore.

«Scene fades»

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