The Shadow Council


«A planet is seen in space, in it a council has finished a ritual»

Council Elder: The ritual is nearing completion.
Council Elder: Soon, we will have enough power to dominate the stars.
Council Elder: Every universe will bow to our feet.
Council Elder: But first…the final components are needed.
Council Elder: Go, and gather relics from across the multiverse.
Council Elder: Fragments of the darkest, most powerful beings to ever exist.

«Various scenes of monsters»

The Tentacle of Carnax
The Helm of Sepulchure
The Blade of Valoth
The DNA of Caden
The Skull of Vordred

Council Elder: To do so, you shall infiltrate the Loremasters.
Council Elder: They are weak. But their influence will allow you to get what you need.
Council Elder: Persuade any wayward hero foolish enough to listen. They will retrieve the items for you.
Council Elder: Assuming you're all competent enough for this task.

«Hero is shown obtaining the items»

Council Elder: Finally…it is complete!
Council Elder: Now NO ONE will stand in the way of our conquest!
Council Elder: Your name. Tell me your name.

Vaxen: …Vaxen.

Council Elder: Hmph. A fitting name for a destroyer of worlds.
Council Elder: Now call forth your vassals. We have a mutliverse to conquer.


Council Elder: Did you hear me, servant?

Vaxen: …Foolish old man.
Vaxen: I bow to no one.

'Clap' 'Clap' 'Clap'

???: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Vaxen: Who are you?

???: It's a shame, really.
???: All that strength, and yet you're still not at full power.

Vaxen: You dare toy with me?

???: If you want to gain full use of your powers, there's an interesting place you should visit.
???: It's a quaint little world known as Lore.


???: Find a place known as Ravenbreak Ridge. And bring your army.
???: What you seek is there.
???: But its inhabitants won't go down without a fight.

«A portal opens to Ravenbreak Ridge»

Vaxen: …Tell me who you are.

???: I? I am no one.
???: But you are someone I find very interesting.

Vaxen: Enough of your games!

«??? disappears»

Clone: What shall we do, sire?


«Vaxen goes with his army to Ravenbreak Ridge»

Clone: We have our orders. Conquer this pitiful world in the name of Vaxen.

«Citizens of Lore confront the army»

Guardian: We won't let you!

Vaxen: This darkness energy…it's perfect.
Vaxen: I can already feel my powers increasing.
Vaxen: Lore, is it?

I'll enjoy burning it to the ground.

«Scene fades»

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