The Seraphic Paladins


«Hero and Darkon in Seraphic»

Darkon: Welcome! I take it you received my Master's letter for help?

Hero: I did, but I must say it was rather vague on what was in distress.

Darkon: We don't have much time to go into detail, but I'll try to explain as I go.

«Change scene to a battle scene between Seraphic Paladins and Undead»

I represent an Ancient Order, the Seraphic Paladins.
We have long been charged with keeping Lore safe from powerful Evils.
However… in recent years, we have not been as successful as we wish.

«Back to the Hero and Darkon in Seraph»

Hero: Tell me about it. The Underworld invasion, the Undead Army attacks…
Hero: I never saw any of your Order, and now you'd better believe I could have used some extra blades a few times.

Darkon: And there we have it. We need your help to repair the Seraphs.
Darkon: Something… is not right here. It did not use to be this way, and that's why we need your help.

«Change scene, to Seraphic Paladins»

Find out what darkness lurks inside our home. If you were to pretend to be a new recruit -
You would have a plausible excuse for asking questions and meeting people.

Darkon: One of our most trusted Knights, Thomas, will act as your sponsor.
Darkon: Once you discover something - ANYTHING - of interest or concern, return to me.

«To Dage in his Underworld, with Envy shadowed»

Dage: Have any of our operatives been discovered?

Envy: Not at this time, no, Master. However…
Envy: I received word that <Hero> has arrived. Darkon, the Seraphic Commander, met with <him/her>.

Dage: I see. Yes, Darkon would send <him/her> 'undercover.' So predictable.
Dage: Make sure <Hero> finds many pieces of interesting information.

Envy: You can trust me, Master. Always.

«Scene fades»

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