The Sealing


«Scene: Queen of Monsters shoots laser through her eyes at the Heroes»

Queen of Monsters: Die!

«An explosion pushes Heroes backwards»

Hero: No! We did not come this far to lose!

«Scene: Heroes stand up and the Elemental Orbs appear above them»

Escherion: Your reign is over!

Xing & Xang: We won't let you tear any more families apart!

Vath: I will see peace brought to all our people!

Kitsune: For the sake of the Yokai and Humanity, we will end you!

Wolfwing: You have turned my people against each other for the last time!

Kimberly: This is for Discordia!

Ledgermayne: This form will see the Mana cleansed of your influence!

Tibicenas: The Djinn will stand with humanity and see your rule ended!

Khasaanda: I will finish what my brother started!

Iadoa: Your actions in the past have sealed your future!

Lionfang: Your time has come, witch!

King Alteon: For the sake of all the people of Lore, you will be banished!

«Close up on the Queen of Monsters»

Queen of Monsters: Don't you fools see?
Queen of Monsters: It doesn't matter how much you "believe" that you will beat me!
Queen of Monsters: You will not win!
Queen of Monsters: You *cannot* win!
Queen of Monsters: Even together, with the Orbs, your powers don't even compare to mine!
Queen of Monsters: They are just droplets in the ocean of my might!
Queen of Monsters: I am ENDLESS!

«Close up on the Heroes of Balance»

Iadoa: That may be true. You may be endless!
Iadoa: But they are Eternal!

«Orbs gather around the Hero»

Iadoa: <Hero>! With the Elemental Orbs, let your true form be realized!

«Hero absorbs the orbs and starts glowing»

«Scene: Queen of Monsters is blinded by a bright light»

Queen of Monsters: Impossible!

«Scene: The Hero transforms into the Eternal Dragon of Time»

Eternal Dragon of Time: Queen of Monsters! I have seen the pain you have caused the people of Lore!
Eternal Dragon of Time: I will stand for it no longer!

«The Hero shoots out all 8 Elemental Orbs, which gather behind the Queen of Monsters and open a portal»

Eternal Dragon of Time: I hereby banish you to your Domain! Never to set foot on Lore again!

Queen of Monsters: You cannot banish me, Dragon!

Eternal Dragon of Time: Very well. Let me show you your fate if you remain on Lore.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: A close up on Malgor holding Queen of Monsters' head»

Queen of Monsters: No. This cannot be!

Eternal Dragon of Time: It is and will be. Now. Be banished!
Eternal Dragon of Time: And the next time you think about poking your head out of your Realm, remember that image.

«Eternal Dragon of Time starts glowing»

Eternal Dragon of Time: Or let it be cut from your body.

«Scene: Eternal Dragon of Time shoots a beam at the Queen of Monsters, slowly pushing her into the portal that was set behind her»

Queen of Monsters: No! This isn't over!

«All of the heroes of balance start glowing purple»

Queen of Monsters: Curse you! Curse you all!
Queen of Monsters: I curse your very souls!
Queen of Monsters: From this moment on, may none of you know peace!
Queen of Monsters: You will live these lives over and over!
Queen of Monsters: Your people will despise you!
Queen of Monsters: You will be responsible for the deaths of those you serve!
Queen of Monsters: You will slaughter your own children!
Queen of Monsters: You will become the very things you sought to destroy!
Queen of Monsters: And worst of all…
Queen of Monsters: You will be the reason for my return!

«Queen of Monsters is completely pushed into the portal by the Eternal Dragon of Time»
«Eternal Dragon of Time transforms back into its human form»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Drakath's Portal of 13 Chaos Lords can be seen in the distance»

«Scene fades»

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