The Savior of Lore


«Scene: the Hero stands next to the smiling citizens of Mobius. Dewdrop Fairy appears.»

Dewdrop Fairy: Thank you, <Hero>! We can always count on you to help us!

Villager: She does! It's true! Thank you! We <3 you!

Scared Villager: But what will you do to stop the destruction?
Scared Villager: Everything's falling apart, and new attacks come every day!

Hero: I don't know the answer to that… yet. But I will.
Hero: I am on a mission to find the people I *think* will help me help us all.

«Dewdrop Fairy flies to the Hero's side»

Dewdrop Fairy: *whispers* I am not supposed to say anything, but I was visited recently.
Dewdrop Fairy: A stranger, I could not see his face, said you would be coming to see me.
Dewdrop Fairy: He told me what I should have you do… and gave me this for you.

«Dewdrop Fairy gives the Hero a translucent shield»

Dewdrop Fairy: The Shield of Inverted Sight. It sounds pretty useful… I think.

Hero: Veeeery interesting! Someone is playing a deep game here.
Hero: If every task task on this scroll and my every move were preplanned…
Hero: I've got to play them through to the end.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero reads the scroll»

Chiral Valley needs a shield to defend them from harm.
The Iron Dwarf requires your aid, and the Worshippers of the Queen require his. You cannot choose your destiny, but you can pick how you respond to it.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: an erupting volcano»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Dwarfs and rubble fall from above in a shaking Dwarfhold Keep»

«Scene fades»

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