The Savior of All


«Scene: the Hero walks into the Dragon Plane. A spirit orb appears and spells out a message»

From dust to dust, and dragon to dragon. Dream time is now.

«Scene fades»

«The Hero looks at the bag in their hand»

Hero: Assuming I'm not already hallucinating…

«The spirit orb flies closer to the Hero and turns into a dragon. Different music starts playing»

Elucidas: <Hero>… Greetings. I am Elucidas, and worked closely with another version of you.
Elucidas: I am the leader of the Creatioux, we who battle the Void.
Elucidas: I have a message for you from… friends.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Eternal Dragon of Time sits upon a floating rock»

Elucidas: The powers you have lost have not changed who and what you are.
Elucidas: There is a difficult journey and many battles ahead of you.
Elucidas: The Queen of Monsters is a greater threat to Lore than Drakath ever was.
Elucidas: You would not know of all the other worlds, other planes, that exist, but they are threatened.
Elucidas: They are disappearing. And once gone, they will never return.
Elucidas: You must stop her, and you must hurry.
Elucidas: Stay close to your Loremaster friend. She is important.

«Scene fades. The music changes back.»

«Scene: the Hero alone in the Dragon Plane»

Hero: … Everything I do, and everyone I talk to, only raises more questions.
Hero: And speaking of Loremasters… Here's hoping Maya's found some answers in the Book.

«Scene fades»

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