The Sanguine Garnet


«Scene: the Hero and Valencia stand next to the opened chest»

Hero: Oh wow. Is that-

Valencia: Safiria's necklace, yeah. I never thought I'd see THIS again.

Hero: I never knew her necklace was an enchanted artifact.

Valencia: Neither did I. But.. that means this necklace is holding….

Hero: …Safiria's most precious memories. Yeah.

«A Sneevil worker runs into the room»

Sneevil Worker: Oh hey, you found it! Great!
Sneevil Worker: How bout you just give that to me, now.
Sneevil Worker: I'll take it back to Stryche and save you the effort.

Hero: I… don't know. This really isn't what we expected to find.

Valencia: Yeah, this isn't just an enchanted artifact. It's… sentimental.
Valencia: It really ought to stay with Safiria's family.

Sneevil Worker: I don't think you understand.

«The Sneevil worker takes off its mask, revealing that it is Zorbak»

Zorbak: I'm taking that gem.

Hero: ZORBAK!?

Valencia: ZORBAK!?

Zorbak: MEH HEH HEH! You got it!
Zorbak: Lady Solani is paying a LOT for this thing, and I'm going to be the one who cashes in!
Zorbak: Now: hand it over!

«Scene: Stryche and Kityana's store»

Stryche: So, you're saying the Sanguine Garnet was… Safiria's necklace? Wow.

Hero: Right? I mean, in retrospect, I guess we should have seen that coming.

Stryche: So, where is it now?

Valencia: Your little Sneevil worker showed up to claim it.

Stryche: What? I didn't tell him to do that.

Hero: We know. He wasn't really a Sneevil, either.

Stryche: What?!

Kityana: That little jerk!

«Scene: Zorbak holds the Sanguine Garnet»

Zorbak: MEH HEH HEH!

«Scene fades»

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