The Same Dream


«Scene: Black screen»

Every night for the last month, we've all been sharing the same dream.

«Scene: The DREAMERS playing a concert in some clouds»

We're playing a concert in this beautiful, unreal world.
It's like nowhere any of us have ever seen before.
We thought we'd found a way out once. But the Sandman stopped us. Sent us back.
And once we woke up, we thought it was all just… well… a dream.
But now you're in our dreams, too, and we know that means somewhere, this world must be real.
After all, it's where you're from!
We're determined to find it and make our visions come true.
YOU can help us fight through this dreamland and find the way to the other side. Then we can finally play the show we've been dreaming of.

«Scene fades»

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