The Runix Cube / Escherion's Runix Cube


«Scene begins with the Hero running through Escherion's Portal to meet Escherion»

Hero: We meet at last, Chaos Lord Escherion!

Escherion: Should I know who you are?

Hero: The only thing you need to know about me… is THIS

«Hero pulls out The Runix Cube»

Escherion: The Runix Cube! But how…

Hero: That's right… the only thing that can stop you! HA!

«Hero throws The Runix Cube at Escherion and hits him in the face with it»

Escherion: Ow. What was that supposed to be?

Hero: Uh… me stopping you and your reign of terror over this valley, and ruining whatever plans you and Drakath had?

Escherion: I've had my army scouring the lands of this valley searching for the Runix Cube…
Escherion: And you deliver it right into my hands. Thank you, hero.

Hero: But… you said it was the only thing that could stop your plans

Escherion: Yes, I did. The only thing that could stop me was NOT FINDING IT.

Hero: Ah. Can I have it back?

Escherion: No.

«Escherion picks up the Runix Cube from the floor»

Escherion: With this device I can finally summon one of the 13 Chaos Beasts…
Escherion: as Drakath has commanded me.
Escherion: I am grateful for all your help, hero. In fact, I won't even kill you. You may leave my tower now.

Hero: We're not done, Escherion. I won't leave until Chaos Valley is safe!

Escherion: It was not a choice. You will leave my tower…now.

«Escherion uses his Inverted Staff to throw the Hero out of the tower, falling into the water»
«Escherion then places the Runix Cube into a device, lighting up one of the symbols on Drakath's Chaos Gate»

Drakath: Good, Escherion…
Drakath: …The Hydra has awoken.
Drakath: Your job is done.

«Scene changes back to the Runix Cube, emanating an aura»

Escherion: Arise… Lake Hydra!

«Scene changes outside to the water where the Hero is, as it starts to bubble»

Hero: Great! I snuck into the villains stronghold and gave him the item of power. What else could go wrong?

«Scene ends with the Hero being covered by the Hydra's shadow, then fades out»

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