The Ritual (2)


«Scene: Ti and the Hero fighting on Screen 10»
«Laser Beam strikes off-screen and hits Ti»
«La (NPC) appears, aiming her hand at Ti»
«Scene: La stands over Ti, who is lying on the ground»

La: Ti, that's enough. You know what <Hero> really is. Stop pretending that they haven't wounded you.

Ti: Explain yourself. We answer. To the same master. Yet you act. Out of turn! Is this treason?

La: Tell that to So. While we've been following our conductor, she's been having her own fun solo.

Hero: You're both the same as Fa and Re, aren't you? Ugh, I should have known this clown show was behind the invasion.

«La turns to Hero»

La: More than just that, <Hero>. But, certain members of the Scale aren't so smart.
La: They don't know what happens when a pawn makes it all the way to the end of the board.

Hero: I literally am not moving until you all stop talking in riddles.

«Scene: A laser beam strikes up from the Castle»

La: Will that get you moving?

Hero: What's going on?

La: A sinister ritual that will swallow our home unless you get back to the Capital as fast as your legs can carry you.


«Hero starts running towards the Castle»

Ti: Halt!

«La strikes Ti with a green laser beam»

La: I'll put Ti down for a nap in the meantime.

«La generates a green orb in her hand and aims it at Ti»

«Scene fades»

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