The Ritual (1)


«Hero and LunarMancer in LunarMancer's house»

LunarMancer: Alright, I checked and DOUBLE-checked!
LunarMancer: This is it; all of our hard work is about to pay off!
LunarMancer: Twintro twintro rittro veen
LunarMancer: Whorp vo vaxako zo welrd ke
LunarMancer: FEEEM!!!

«Moon on scene, scroll downleft, a small moon falls on LunarMancer»

LunarMancer: Lore has a… smaller moon?? Well… Had…
LunarMancer: Seems I performed the ritual on this little guy and not the big moon…

Hero: So, wait, let me get this straight.
Hero: First you tried to summon the moon with a ritual, but it was the WRONG RITUAL.
Hero: Then you tried to summon the moon again, but got the WRONG ONE?
Hero: I … kind of want to see you try a third ti -

LunarMancer: Lumina Luminos Moonstone!
LunarMancer: Well, THIS didn't quiet go -
LunarMancer: As …
LunarMancer: Hunh. Whatddayaknow? A TWIST!

Hero: Imagine that.

«Scene fades»

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