The Rise Of Karok The Fallen


«Hero kills The Queen's Gift. Change scene to Queen of Monster's throne with prisoner Invader present»

Queen of Monsters: Now that you understand your place…
Queen of Monsters: Tell me what you know of this… Karok The Fallen. Tell me EVERYTHING.
Queen of Monsters: Why fall? He is clearly able to rise to the occasion at hand.

Invader: *Pants* He - Is - EVERYTHING - to us.
Invader: The fall - so long ago - made him what he is today.
Invader: Our world - its magic - when you choose…
Invader: WHAT you choose - makes you - what you are. How you are.

Queen of Monsters: And he chose…

Invader: My grandfather's many-times-great-grandfather told us the tale.
Invader: How the world was being from apart by an invading army.
Invader: And Korak's wife, his sons, and daughter, they were supposed to flee.
Invader: He chose to stay behind, to defend the world…
Invader: But then he received a message. His family were captives…
Invader: He would have to surrender the battle AND his soldiers…
Invader: An exchange. His family for his army.
Invader: He made the exchange. When the wagon carrying his family arrived…
Invader: All he saw were scraps of stained fabric and buzzing flies before…

Queen of Monsters: He fell.

Invader: Yes, exactly. And when he returned to himself, the invaders were slain to a man.
Invader: His army ran from him, and he was… alone.
Invader: He died that day inside, they said. But the warrior who would become Karok was still strong.
Invader: Still our world's greatest general. Men still flocked to follow him into battle.
Invader: These new warriors became his family, even as they feared him. Because he had shown…
Invader: What kind of strength was possible… if you ignored the cost.
Invader: But he had changed. He was cold. Ruthless. And he just grew colder.
Invader: As the years went on, and his brutalities continued, he grew twisted, outside AND in.
Invader: Our world is cold. Hard. No place for the weak. Not while Karok rules.
Invader: It makes men into monsters. But THAT is our strength.

Queen of Monsters: I see… and appreciate my fortune.
Queen of Monsters: Because, my little icy one, monsters are EXACTLY what I need right now.

«Scene fades»

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