The Ringer


«Scene: Johnny G and the Dwarves»

Johnny G: The Dwarven Champions Guild has faced the Micro-Giants many times before.
Johnny G: They are sick of being defeated every time they meet you on the battlefield.
Johnny G: They contacted me to arrange a title match at the Battle Coliseum in Battleon.
Johnny G: If we lose we have to disband forever.

Meatball: When do we get paid?

Blixx: Meatball is right.
Blixx: I hate the Micro-Giants as much as anyone but The Dwarven Champions Guild is a mercenary group.
Blixx: We fight for gold.

Johnny G: Oh, I forgot to mention… If we win, we get the Micro-Giants Treasure Horde.

Meatball: That's more LIKE IT!

Sampson: I'd do it for free, just to see the looks on their stupid faces when they lose in front of everyone at the Battle Coliseum.

Jersey Jess: Aren't we forgetting something?
Jersey Jess: Demo took that arrow to the knee. He's still healing up.

Huggy Cub: One little arrow to the knee and that guy folds like a napkin.

Johnny G: Don't worry about it. I called in a favor from an old friend of mine to fight in his place.

«Hero walks in»

Hero: Hi!

Meatball: What is that? Our lunch?

Huggy Cub: Naw, it's another one of those giant gwarves… like Johnny.

Johnny G: This is <Hero>, the hero that everyone is talking about.
Johnny G: They say that he's unbeatable.

Sampson: I don't know, Johnny. I don't trust Munthor.

Johnny G: Sampson, you have nothing to worry about.
Johnny G: Munthor has agreed to a clean fight. He swore on his honor,

Meanwhile, in the giant's home of Durogg…

Munthor: My agents report that the Dwarven Champions Guild has accepted our challenge.
Munthor: My agents have already delivered our little gift to them, in secret.
Munthor: By the time they realize what is happening, it will be too late..
Munthor: The Dwarven Champions Guild is finished.
Munthor: With our rivals defeated there will nothing to stop us from marching on Dwarfhold.

«Screen fades to black»

Munthor: We will kill every dwarf under that mountain and take their kingdom for ourselves.

«Scene fades»

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