The Ring


«Scene: Shurpu Library»

Hero: How is Andesi doing?

Warlic: He's OK for now and actually picks up on a lot of magical theorem rather quickly.
Warlic: In fact, It might have taken me years to find the sources we need without his keen eye.
Warlic: I see why Xan wants an apprentice down here.
Warlic: Once we save his mother, I may want to speak to him about his future as a mage.

Hero: It's good that you're keeping him busy. What have you found out?

Warlic: These ruins are home to the Ring of Shurpu.
Warlic: It's said that he can magnify and amplify a being's natural fire magic ability a thousand times or more.

Hero: So that is Xan's endgame.

Warlic: If we reach the ring before Scoria's mind has been broken by Xan's torture, then my fire magic will be more than a match for his.

Hero: Fight fire with fire?

«Warlic nods head»

Warlic: Precisely.

Hero: OK then, I'll get the Ring of Shurpu while you keep Andesi safe here.
Hero: Then I have a quick stop to make before we face Xan…

«Scene fades»

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