The Return of Syrrus


«Karok off the Cryostorm Tundra»

Karok: …I grow tired of waiting.
Karok: The Champion of Ice is out there…and it's only a mtter of time before they discover their power.
Karok: If I want their abilities for myself, I'll need to find them before "Her Majesty" does.
Karok: Now where should I start…?

«Scene changes to Hero in the Cryostorm Tundra, with Blizzy»

Hero: Wow…so THIS is Cryostorm Tundra?

Blizzy: Isn't it neat?
Blizzy: The Moglins of Frostvale are working very hard this year to bring Frostval to this island!
Blizzy: Blizzy included!

Hero: Aww, that's adorable, little guy.

???: <Hero>? Where did you…

Hero: Syrrus?!

Blizzy: Who are you?

Hero: This is Syrrus, the Astromancer. We helped each other out awhile back.
Hero: Whay are you doing here?

Syrrus: This is the town where Lorentz grew up. That boy always had something special about him…
Syrrus:* A quiet magic. A real feel for the ice.
Syrrus:** But I haven't come to reminisce. I'm here on important business, <Hero>.
Syrrus: In order to help fight the Queen of Monsters, I've been searching for the Champion of Ice.
Syrrus: The stars have led me here. They say the Champion is close.

???: WHOA!!!
???: Are you really <Hero>?

Hero: The one and only! Who are you?

Abel: My name's Abel. I've heard so much about you!
Abel: Did you really stop The Beast Quetzal that one year? And Frostfang, the great ice dracolich?

Hero: I did! But not without some help, of course.

Abel: I can't believe I'm actually talking to you…
Abel: A-Anyways, would you guys mind lending us some help? We've got a lot to do if Frostval's going to be ready in time.

Hero: Sure! Lead the way.

«Karok is leading his army and Queen of Monsters is looking»

Queen of Monsters: Making a move without my permission?
Queen of Monsters: But, my dear Karok, that is EXACTLY what I've been waiting for.

«Scene fades»

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