The Recruit


«Scene: At the Doomwood Forest, Darcy slays a few minions and restores her health after which. The Hero arrives.»

Hero: Thanks for the top-off!

Darcy: Hey! You must be the battle buddy Arryd said he was going to send me!

Hero: Yep, sure am! Nice to meet you, the name's <Hero>.

Darcy: Oh, I know who you are. I may have spent the last few years in Lightguard Keep, but I still hear all the stories!

Hero: D'aww, heh. Well.
Hero: Just doing my job.

Darcy: Well, I'm looking forward to earning my gold so I can get out there and do it with you!

Hero: "Earning your gold" - is that why your armor is all silver, then?

Darcy: Yep! You can tell a Paladin's rank by their armor.
Darcy: Once I passed this trial, I'll be a full-fledged paladin, and I'll have earned the right to wear the silver and gold - just like Artix!

Hero: Oh, wow! Well, let's get down to business and earn you that armor, then!
Hero: How exactly does this work?

Darcy: Ok, well… as a Recruit of the Paladin order…
Darcy: you spend several years learning how to combine your skills as a warrior…
Darcy: …with your skills as a healer.
Darcy: And when we're not honing our battle skills, Loremaster Michum teaches us the history of our Order…
Darcy: So that we can learn from it, and avoid repeating the mistakes of those who came before.
Darcy: When we're ready, we're expected to PROVE it, by slaying our first undead horde.
Darcy: And that's where YOU come in.
Darcy: Obviously, if we're out here alone, there's no way to prove that we really did kill an entire horde of undead.

Hero: So, every time you kill a skeleton, I click my little ticker until it hits…
Hero: Say, how many skeletons ARE in a horde?

Darcy: For the purposes of this trial, I need to take out a horde leader - a stronger Undead that the weaker ones tend to rally around -
Darcy: …plus another thousand of the little guys.

Hero: Holy WHAT?
Hero: Ohhh man, am I glad I got that Blessed Coffee. We're gonna be here awhile.

Darcy: We'd better get started, then!

«Scene fades»

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