The Reaper

Not the Death You Were Looking For
Oh, it's you. I've heard about you. If you're looking to fight, just walk to the right. You'll find yourself facing a monster that may just be the last one you ever fight!

From Who?
If you have completed the Chaos Finale: My cousin. You know him. You killed him and took his place. For a while. Pity you lost your Death powers passing back and forth through the Chaos Realm. My 4th cousin was happy to take the Scythe when you lost it.

If you have not completed the Chaos Finale: My cousin. You know him. You kind of smell like him. Death. Ring a bell?

Yeah… Hi.
You probably want to know what to do here.

Um. Fight?
Now you fight. If you want to. Though you could have just clicked on the Battle! Button 3 frames ago. Or we can talk. I don't get to talk to many people.

Is that it?
You're in a place called the Void. What did you expect? Dancing? Parties? Monsters come here when they get too… troublesome… for your world. Then heroes like you find me and fight them and try not to die.

Mmmm. We could, if you want. How much do you know about Perspicanean Mathematics? Or… what's the latest with the Vitruvian Excavation? I’m deep into that. What about --

Oh. Ok. You should come back and talk. I'm… kind of lonely. You know where to find me. I can buy your loot!

To Battle
Why are you asking me? Just walk, you'll find someone to fight.

- Void Merge

Location: The Void


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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