The REAL Feast



«Scene: the Hero faces off against the Furborg»

Hero: Ha! You're not as tough as you look!

«The Hero readies their weapon and gets flung away by the Furborg»

Hero: waugh

«Question marks appear over Memet's head»

Memet: Hey! Not cool, man! You can't just come in here and-

«Memet gets knocked away by the Furborg too»

Memet: blerk

«Scene: two Furbles on the ground»

Chük: Was that the last of them?

Bork: Yes, I think it was.

Chük: Excellent. Beam them up to the ship.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the spherical Furble ship in space»

Chük: It's time we had our REAL harvest feast!

«Scene fades»

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