The Queen's Reign


«Scene: Text on Screen»

Long ago, before Malgor… Before Drakath and his Chaos Lords…
Before Lore as you know it existed…

The Queen of Monsters ruled.

«Scene: 4 shadowed beasts appear on the Screen»

Lore knew no peace as the Queen's Children roamed the planet.
Her minions turned Lore's inhabitants against each other, preventing any chance of rebellion.
That was, until…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: 13 Shadowed Heroes appear on the Screen»

Thirteen Heroes rose up and joined forces.

«Eight Elemental Orbs appear above the Heroes»

And with the power of the eight Elemental Orbs sealed the Queen away, ending her reign.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Text on Screen»

But just how did these Heroes defeat a foe as insurmountable as the Queen of Monsters?

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Text on Scree»

And who were these "Heroes", who identities have been lost to Time?
And what does all this… have to do with you?

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Hero looking at a river, when a portal appears behind them»

Hero: Such a beautiful d--

«Hero turns their head around»

Hero: Huh… This is new!

«Iadoa appears inside the portal»

???: <Hero>?

Hero: Depends, who is asking?

???: So it is you. Thank goodness!

«Hero straightens out their arm»

Hero: Wait a minute… Iadoa?!

Iadoa: Yes, but I am not the Iadoa you know.

Hero: Are you sure? I know a lot of Iadoas!
Hero: There was the one that tried to attack me during New Years…
Hero: The one that was my friend who got turned into a Chaos Lord…

«Hero scratching their head»

Hero: There's Mirror Realm Iadoa…

Iadoa: I can assure you that I am none of those…
Iadoa: If you would please, I have come on an urgent matter.

Hero: What is it?

Iadoa: I come from the past, back when the Queen of Monsters first ruled over Lore.
Iadoa: As we speak, my fellow Heroes of Balance fight her forces in order to obtain the Elemental Orbs, the keys to sealing away the Queen.

Hero: I've heard this story before! Heroes sealed away the Queen the first time she roamed Lore.
Hero: Are you telling me that you were one of those Heroes?!

«Iadoa is shook»

Iadoa: First time she roamed Lore? She roamed Lore a second time?

Hero: It's a long story, but doesn't that mean that you are successful in sealing her?

Iadoa: I am afraid Time doesn't work so simply…
Iadoa: You see, my fellow Heroes and I have had this plan. We would get close to securing the Elemental Orbs. As close as we could get, before we sought your help.

Hero: But wait, how do you know about me if you are from the past?

Iadoa: You are the Eternal Dragon of Time. Everyone knows of you in one capacity or another.
Iadoa: And you are just the secret weapon we need to push through our last obstacles preventing us from getting the Orbs.

Hero: So why not just ask the past version of me to help you?

Iadoa: Because you are the Eternal Dragon of Time, you only exist in one fixed moment in Time. Right now, you only exist here.
Iadoa: And that means, any time after this point, our victorious outcome that you know isn't assured.
Iadoa: If you don't come to the past with me and help us defeat the Queen, there is a high probability that your Lore will change, as if the Queen has always ruled over the planet.

Hero: Well that doesn't sound good at all! What do I have to do?

Iadoa: Come with me. You must first travel to Akiba and help Kitsune retrieve the Wind Orb.

Hero: Sounds good to me!

«Hero runs into the portal and disappears»

Iadoa: Wait up! You don't even know *when* you are going!

«Iadoa jumps into the portal and disappears as well»

«Scene fades»

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