The Queen's Offer



«Hero defeats Goregrim»

Goregrim: You… You defeated me?!

Hero: Yes, I did. It's what I do.

Goregrim: When I was younger I would have savoured a challenge like this. But right now…
Goregrim: I can't waste the time or effort on a rivalry with you. Even if you MIGHT be worthy.
Goregrim: Goodbye, <Hero>. Maybe we'll meet again someday… If I have the time.

«Goregrim disappears»

Hero: He just left…

«Hero is reunited with Khaollater, Gravelyn and Brentan and speak with Fear Monger»

Fear Monger: You've all fought well. The Mother of Monsters is impressed and wants me to tell you that it is not too late to join her.

Hero: We will never join your Queen.

Fear Monger: Oh but she insists. And before you refuse… you should understand what you are giving up.

«Fear Monger shows Hero somes orbs and gives it to Khaollater, Gravelyn and Brentan»

Fear Monger: Here is a taste of her power - you may shape it as you see fit.
Fear Monger: She assures me there will be no repercussions or… unfortunate backlashes… to toying with her power. This time.

Hero: She would just give us some of her power?

Fear Monger: What you see here is nothing compared to what she wields.
Fear Monger: She won't miss it, and feels it will be… helpful… to educate you all.
Fear Monger: She only asks that you consider joining her… or at the very least, realize exactly what it is you are defying.
Fear Monger: As for Northpointe, our Mother wants to give you time to reflect upon her offer.
Fear Monger: You fought well and bravely. She values skill and competence. Consider Northpointe spared this time.
Fear Monger: But remember - this ceasefire is a gift. A time for reflection. And it is not likely to be repeated.

«Hero speaks with Khaollater, Gravelyn and Brentan»

Hero: So. They're gone… for now.
Hero: I assume you'll all be leaving, too, to toy around with whatever those orbs hold?

Brentan: This could do much good for us. The additional power must be evaluated.

Gravelyn: I know how sweet poisoned honey can taste. But like Brentan, I need to consider what this could do for my people.

Khaollator: We'd be fools not to.
Khaollator: <Hero>. You may not fully realize it but you have done ME a great favour today.
Khaollator: Drakath doesn't need to know about THIS! But the next time he pits me against those crusty eyelickers…
Khaollator: I can see why Drakath chose you as his thirteenth lord of chaos.

Hero: Thanks. …I guess?

Khaollator: I look forward to when you finally see his new stronghold. I'll be waiting for you with much anticipation.

Hero: And I look forward to seeing you again. I never thought I would say this…
Hero: But thanks to the forces of Chaos, we lived to fight another day.

«Scene fades»

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