The Queen's Decision


«Scene: Dead Lightguard soldiers and skeletons lay on the skeleton of the dracolich around Sigrid and Sepulchure»

Sigrid Sunshield: Give it up, Sepulchure.

«Sigrid readies her weapons»

Sigrid Sunshield: You may be powerful, but these bargain basement undead are no match for warriors of the Light.

Sepulchure: And the Lightguard…

«Sepulchure leaps into the air»

Sepulchure: …are no match for ME.

«Sigrid knocks Sepulchure away, his Doomblade getting stuck in a wall. Sigird holds her mace to Sepulchure's throat»

Sigrid Sunshield: Maybe.
Sigrid Sunshield: But not when you're this outnumbered.

«The screen turns dark red as Sigrid stabs Sepulchure through the chest»

Sigrid Sunshield: The righteous will always defeat the evil.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Sepulchure's body lays against a stone wall, a gaping hole in his chest. His eyes glow red and he lifts his head.»

Sepulchure: Heh… heh… heh

«Sepulchure stands up»

Sepulchure: You can't kill me.

«Sepulchure lifts up Sigrid by the neck»

Sepulchure: I'm already dead.

«Scene turns white»

«Scene: Lynaria suspends Sepulchure and Sigrid in midair with her magic»

Lynaria: No.

Sigrid Sunshield: My Queen. You are making a mistake.

Lynaria: I am saving you.
Lynaria: …and I am saving him.

«Lynaria lets Sigrid down»

Lynaria: Go. Take your Lightguard back to the Keep, and tell my husband I will see him soon.

Sigrid Sunshield: He won't like this.

Lynaria: Let me worry about that.

«Scene fades»

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