The Queen of Envy


«Hero at battle with Envy»

Envy: Stop fighting me! You can't win.

«Envy pushes Hero away»

Hero: I can. And I will.
Hero: I always do.

«Envy takes control of Hero's body, elevating him»

Envy: Not this time.

«Envy free drops Hero to the ground, then takes him captive next to Darkon, then sits down»

Envy: You didn't honestly believe you could hurt me in my own domain, did you?
Envy: Your friend here has been a valuable asset in learning the secrets of your order…
Envy: And with this Dark Shard - this fragment of Dage's soul - I have the power to overthrow him, and take control of the Legion.

«Ada teleports in next to Envy and dizzes her, then Envy transforms into Queen of Envy»

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