The Queen Calls


«Queen of Monsters at her throne»

Queen of Monsters: He is GLORIOUS!
Queen of Monsters: The humans cower before him, barely able to breathe.
Queen of Monsters: The air is so thick with their terror, I can taste it.
Queen of Monsters: … And it is delicious.

«Change scene, back at the gate in Glacera, Hero and Lorentz present»

Hero: The Scythe is OURS! This is the key. I ALWAYS find a key!

Lorentz: That's why you're the Hero! Can - could you - maybe teach ME how to hero?

Hero: Absolutely. Starting with this: you ALWAYS want to be the first to jump into the wormhole.
Hero: Because you do NOT want to see what comes out of it after you've been pummeled by spacetime.

Lorentz: Ummmm… Can I jump first?

«Scene fades»

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