The Prince Arrives


«Scene: Aurola, Darkon, Gaius Miller, Suki, and more»

Aurola: Why, greetings Prince Darkon!

Suki: You're a Prince?

<Villager 1>: The Crown Prince?

<Villager 2>: Your Highness!

Gaius Miller: Prince Darkon, welcome to Eridani!

Aurola: No one believed me when I told them you wanted to save our little friend here.

???: I'm sorry. I keep causing trouble.

Gaius Miller: This isn't a child, your highness. It's a monster that can change its face.
Gaius Miller: I saw it try to trick my wife into giving it bread.

Suki: Yes, I saw the whole thing. He ran to hide in an alley when you hit him with a rock.
Suki: I traveled here after hearing that the bandit problem was getting out of control.
Suki: Then, I saw all of you watching that child being dragged out of the village.
Suki: He was crying and bleeding. None of you did anything to stop it!
Suki: People like you, who abandon the helpless, you're the real monsters.
Suki: Where I'm from, monsters are hunted and slai-

Darkon: Is that what should be done?

Suki: I don't know. But what they did…just standing there letting this happen. It's wrong.

Darkon: It's to my understanding that Eridani is facing hardship.
Darkon: Those bandits were menacing you frequently. I know from the letters sent to the capital.
Darkon: They were armed and dangerous. It must have been terrifying to constantly be attacked.
Darkon: Standing aside because you feared the bandits' wrath, that makes sense.
Darkon: Vilifying a stranger to ease your guilt, however, is something to reflect on.
Darkon: It was a Outsider who decided to come help you after all. She was faster than us nobles.
Darkon: For that, I apologize and promise to do better in the future.

Gaius Miller: Please! We can't accept your graciousness. We should be the ones apologizing.

Suki: Hm, so bluebloods do you have hearts.

«Villagers leave the scene»

Darkon: This has been an eye-opening experience.
Darkon: I must say, your skills in combat are amazing! I've always thought Astravian warriors were peerless but you've proven me wrong.
Darkon: If you aren't attached to your life as a mercenary, would you consider a position in the Astravian army?
Darkon: The Kingdom could benefit from your valour and insight. We'll give you a comfortable living of course.

Aurola: He's a fun boss. Thanks to him, a commoner like me can become a knight.
Aurola: *Whispering* How's that for wingmanning?

Suki: I'm not interested in gold. A bed made of hay is good enough for me.
Suki: But a chance to do some good. To make some real changes for people in need. I can't say no to that.

Darkon: Wonderful! I mean, thank you.

???: Could I come with you too? You saved my life, I need to repay you all somehow.

Suki: First, you need to grow up healthy and happy!
Suki: We'll find you a home. Your job will be to have fun and do good in school.

«Suki kneels down»

???: Thank you! Thank you so much! I'll never forget what you did for me!

«Scene: Person with paper next to a person kneeled down with closed eyes»

«Scene fades»

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