The Primarch


«Scene fades in with the Hero, Madra, Lionfang and the Primarch.»

Lionfang: I have ripped your city apart looking for them.
Lionfang: You will tell me where the Tears Of The Mother are, Primarch.


Hero: The Tears Of The Mother?

Madra: Primarch!

«Madra attempts to run to help Primarch, but the Hero places their hands on Madra, stopping her.»

Madra: Get your hands off me! My place is by his side.

Hero: Don't be stupid. You'd be throwing your life away.

«Scene changes to show Primarch attacking Lionfang, only for Lionfang to hold Primarch in a Chaotic Tentacle, holding him up in the air.»

Lionfang: If you don't want to tell me where they are I will rip their location from your mind.

«Lionfang sticks his hand inside Primarch's head.»


Lionfang: I see… you've hidden them in the Death Pits.
Lionfang: You knew that I was coming. And yet you stayed here to protect Falguard.
Lionfang: You creatures are stupid as you are evil.

Madra: You have your answer, Lionfang. Let him live.

Lionfang: I plan on it. YOU, however, might want to defend yourself.

«Lionfang takes his hand from the Primarch's mind.»

Lionfang: Primarch. Destroy this Champion of Evil….
Lionfang: …Then hunt down and destroy the rest of your wretched race.

«Lionfang teleports out of the scene, and Primarch stands up, preparing to attack.»

Madra: No…

«Scene fades out to black, ending the scene.»

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