The Portal Opens


«Queen of Monsters in her throneroom with Chamat»

Chamat: I am eternally grateful for a second chance to serve you, Mother.

Queen Of Monsters: You WILL serve me eternally. I spent enough energy in your creation, training, and re-creation.
Queen Of Monsters: To let your… bones and brains rot on those rocks would have been a waste.
Queen of Monsters: And I do not waste a well-trained servant.

Chamat: I will not fail you again.

Queen Of Monsters: I believe you. But I am not unkind. Your task will be an easy one.
Queen Of Monsters: I wish to unstabilize the Celestial Realm. You will do this for me.

Chamat: Ah, yeeees. The beasts of the Infernal Realm have not been out to play for… several millennia. That would do the trick.

«Scene changes to Infernal Knights going into a green portal, commanded by Chamat»

The Mother is good to her children… she trusts them to do her bidding.
And they protect her as she seeks to make the world a better, darker place.
But she cannot do that while she is so very, very hungry.
Chamat sets free the beasts of the Infernal Realm to terrify and upset the Celestial Realm.
And as they flee and fear, the Mother will feed and grow stronger…

«Scene changes to Aranx and Hero»

Hero: Asa hine Ma'laitii
Hero: Show us, make it, let us seeeeeee
Hero: … Is that REALLY going to wor - - !!!!

«Aranx casts a summoning spell, then screen flashes black, then a convex vortex appears next to Hero, then the Celestine appears from it»

Aranx: I believe it just did.
Aranx: Welcome, my friend! There is little time to spare. The beasts have almost surrounded us.

Hero: That is a pretty nifty summing spell. But next time -

The Celestine: No time for jokes. We must plan, and hunt, and fight.
The Celestine: We go. Now!

«Scene fades»

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