The Plane of Darkness


«Scene: Sepulchure stands in front of his dragon»

Sepulchure: It's over, Alteon.
Sepulchure: Your dragon stood no chance against me.
Sepulchure: And neither do you!

«Scene: Lynaria with glowing orbs of light in her hands»

Lynaria: NO.

«A white dragon appears behind Lynaria when she raises her arms»

Lynaria: That vile armor has infected both you and your dragon with its darkness.
Lynaria The only way to stop you is with the LIGHT.

«Lynaria's dragon burns Sepulchure's dragon with white, glowing, holy fire»

Sepulchure: You'll regret that!

«Background turns red and Sepulchure becomes a silhouette while the Doomblade remains normal»

She has already slain your dragon. You cannot win against her here!

«Sepulchure grows black flames in his hand»

You must fight her beast on your own terms.

«A red dome grows over the battlefield»

Take them to the place where the power of light is weakest…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Lynaria in the red dome»

…the Plane of Darkness.

«Scene fades»

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