The Plan (4)


«Scene: Oversoul Spirit and Hero in the Nulgath Nation Stronghold's Library»

Oversoul Spirit: That's it!

Hero: What?

Oversoul Spirit: Did you see how ferociously Nulgath defended his Fiend Shard?
Oversoul Spirit: That's how we weaken him!

Hero: So all we have to do is locate Nulgath's Fiend Shard and destroy it?

Oversoul Spirit: Shards, apparently.
Oversoul Spirit: It appears Nulgath was able to create several Fiend Shards across the Lore.
Oversoul Spirit: However, it appears one of them is housed in this very fortress!

Hero: Then there is one located in Tercessuinotlim, as well…

Oversoul Spirit: Correct, but destroying even one Shard will be a massive blow to Nulgath's hold on my world!
Oversoul Spirit: We must destroy this Shard while we have the chance!

Hero: Right! Then let's go!

«Scene fades»

To Be Continued: Part II: Assault on the Fiend Shard!

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