The Plan (1)


«Time stamp»
Friday the 13th, early afternoon

«Change of scene, Hero, Voltaire, Deady, and Kierk talking to Andrew»

Andrew: If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, you're spot on!
Andrew: Mr. Voltaire, there's not a girl around here who can resit the unicorns I wrangle! Can a robot girl be so very different?

«Giant Amira 2.0 walks past in the background»

Andrew: You DID say she liked watching the river 'corns at play. Some part of your first daughter must remain. A ghost in the machine, you might say?

Voltaire: I wouldn't put it past her. Some faint memory of her life as a child. The joy, the laughter -

Andrew: I'll bring the fluffiest pink unicorn I can find! With my Wild Magic, I think I can… sense one… close by, even!

Hero: Noooot like that, UniCrooner!

Voltaire: A normal unicorn would only work for your standard model peasant maiden.
Voltaire: We're working with a MUCH more sophisticated client. The operating system's gears, the massively destructive weaponry…

«Screen flashes black, a house gets destroyed in the background»

Voltaire: No, we're going to need something considerable more… pyroclastic. And black.
Voltaire: Can robots even SEE the color pink?

Hero: The volcano's the key. With that -

«Deady pulls out a chalice»

Deady: And his chalice. Don't forget the chalice.

Hero: - I think we can pull this off.

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