The Pirate War



«Mysterious Aquamancer and his pet under water»

Mysterious Aquamancer: They will destroy Lolosia, my pretty pet…
Mysterious Aquamancer: And we cannot have THAT! Too much rests on <Hero> finding the map.
Mysterious Aquamancer: What say we help our friend out a little, hmm?
Mysterious Aquamancer: Cool off those hot-headed Commanders and pirates a bit.

«Mysterious Aquamancer casts a spell. Change scene, battle between Shady's forces and Esprit's forces»

«Change scene, health bars goes from full to almost empty»

My gift to you, Hero. Finish this endless war - for now - and resume it when the time is right.
Soon you will need to focus on a much greater threat…
And sooner than THAT, you will meet ME.

«Change scene, battle between Shady's forces and Esprit's forces»

Shady: There's only ONE way to settle this, ye bungbreaker!

Esprit: Agreed.

Esprit: Shank the Plank!
Shady: Shank the Plank!

Shady and Esprit's forces: Shank the Plank! Shank the Plank! Shank the Plank!

Hero: Shank the Pl- wait. What does THAT mean?

Esprit: According to Ship Captain's Law… a 3rd party (that's you) can end the contest (our war)…

Shady: By right o' the bloodiest COMBAT!
Shady: So pick yer side, <Hero>.

«Hero gets the choice between Pirates! and Naval Commanders! However both choices lead to the same direct outcome»

Esprit: Then you'll walk the plank and battle vile, vicious Groggagedon, Terror of the Seas.
Esprit: If you survive, your chosen side wins the wayr. If you don't…

Shady: So ye'd BETTER pick the right side. Or Shady Bone's locker will be yer final restin' place.

«Hero walks the plank»

Hero: I'd better get DOUBLE the dubloons for this, Rhubarb!

«Scene fades»

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