The Phoenix Rises


«Tyndarius speaking to citizens guarded by the Onslaught, in front is »

Tyndarius: Greetings, my people. I am -

Mother: We know who you are, you - you - Lavasucker! You flameborn BEAST!

Little Girl: Momma, is this the bad man?

Tyndarius: SILENCE!
Tyndarius: You've been brought here today for a very special purpose.
Tyndarius: I have chosen to HONOR you, and you will respect that.

«Tyndarius nears the Mother and Little Girl»

Tyndarius: Tell me, little one, do you know who the Queen of Monsters is?
Tyndarius: And why I had to send my army into your home?

Little Girl: Momma says that the Queen is a bad lady, and you do what she says.
Little Girl: And that your magic is the reason why Papa got sick an' we had to go to the temple.

Mother: Because of YOU my daughter has no father!

«Scene changes to Hero knocking the Phoenixrise Gate, when he is cofronted by an axe»

Guard: HALT! Who -

Hero: I go there. I'm here. And you're going to let me in.

Guard: Ah, yes. The General said to expect you. You've come to rescue the prisoners?

Hero: That's right. And you're going to let me in.
Hero: NOW.

Guard: Those are my ordrs. But no escort. He wants to see how far you get.
Guard: Good luck.

«Scene changes back to Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: And in serving the Queen, your daughter will live forever.

«Scene fades»

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