The Paladin's Daughter


«Scene: Hero stands over the defeated Zyrus»

Hero: Blue screen of death? I guess these things don't come with a warranty….
Hero: Undead… Tech… where's Artix when you need him. He'd love this.

Kyger: <Hero>! HELP!!!

«The Hero turns to the right to see a NecroDrone dragging Kyger off»

Hero: Kyger!!

«Scene: Hero and Stellaria»

Stellaria: Kyger, no!
Stellaria: Crap! Crap! Crap! It wasn't supposed to go this way. We'll never catch up.
Stellaria: We'll have to break them out of the castle…
Stellaria: But if we're going to do that, then we'll need the axe.

Hero: What axe?

Stellaria: The Blinding Light of Destiny!

Hero: Artix's axe?
Hero: So… why don't we just get Artix?

Stellaria: <Hero>… Artix is dead.

Hero: WHAT?!

Stellaria: You didn't know? I guess you really are from the past.
Stellaria: Well, that explains why you look so young.
Stellaria: But since he's gone… you're our only hope, <Hero>.
Stellaria: The only one worthy of wielding the Blinding Light of Destiny!

Hero: How could you possibly know that? Who ARE you?

Stellaria: You really don't know that either?
Stellaria: I definitely know you.
Stellaria: You helped raise me and train me, <Hero>.

«Close up of Stellaria»

Stellaria: I'm Stellaria von Krieger…. Artix's daughter.

«Scene fades»

To be continued in the next exciting part of Doomwood III: Legacy of Darkness

«Text shrinks and fades»

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