The Oversoul Spirit


«Scene: Dirtlicker on Screen 8 of Arch Portal»

Dirtlicker: It appears that Malgor was stronger than we anticipated.
Dirtlicker: The clone you sent us was overtaken by the Shadowflame. We should be more careful next time.

Nulgath: No matter. The clones are just fraction of my power.
Nulgath: Much like the clone I've left behind in Tercessuinotlim.

Dirtlicker: But what about of our troops? None of our fighters have your strength, Master.

Nulgath: They are of no consequence to me, especially with the forces I've been creating here.

Dirtlicker: Perhaps you could… send us some of these forces? We would not want the Legion or Shadowflame to view us as weak.

Nulgath: Very well. But know this, Dirtlicker, if I find out that you have been wasting my forces, I will grant you a long and painful death.

Dirtlicker: Rightfully so, Master. I am not worthy of your mercy.

«Scene fades»
«A bunch of Fiends appear from the portal and disappear in an explosion»
«Scene fades»
«A fiend appears on Screen 3 of Pinewood Forest»

???: I shouldn't have left that stronghold…
???: I know nothing of this world.
???: This isn't what I imagined the Archfiend's homeworld to look like.

Hero: Greetings! Hey, you there!

«Hero walks towards the Fiend»

Hero: Umm… Are you lost?

???: !!!

Hero: Nulgath won't take too kindly to a fiend that abandoned their post.

???: Wait! I can explain!

«A spirit appears from Fiends body and the body falls to the ground»

Oversoul Spirit: I'm a Spirit from Oversoul!

Hero: As in the world that Nulgath is conquering?

Oversoul Spirit: That's why I've come to your world.

«Close up on Hero and the Spirit»

Oversoul Spirit: Nulgath will never stop his conquest until my world is nothing but ash.
Oversoul Spirit: I come to his homeworld with the hopes that I could find the source of his power and stop him.
Oversoul Spirit: Perhaps you could help me?

Hero: I don't know… Why should I?

Oversoul Spirit: Maybe you're a force of Good, willing to help a world in need.
Oversoul Spirit: Or maybe you're a force of Evil and would like to take Nulgath's power for yourself.
Oversoul Spirit: Either way, I see this as a win, win for you.

Hero: Hmm… okay, I'll help you!

Oversoul Spirit: Excellent! What do you suggest we do first?

Hero: Well… There is a Nulgath Nation stronghold. From what I know, that's the base of their operation. If anywhere would have answers, it would be there!

Oversoul Spirit: Great, I just come from there. I don't see how we could gain access.

Hero: Don't worry! I know the commander there, Dirtlicker!

«Scene fades»
«Hero and Dirtlicker in Nulgath Nation stronghold's library»

Dirtlicker: I am happy to hear of your interest in the Nation's history.
Dirtlicker: Hardly any of my fellow Nation members share my passion for our origins.
Dirtlicker: I have passionately created this library that houses every detail of our history.
Dirtlicker: Please, stay as long as you would like. I must return to my duties, however.

«Dirtlicker walks away»
«Hero turns around»

Hero: Alright, the coast is clear!

«Oversoul Spirit appears out of thin air»

Hero: Let's find something that will tell us how Nulgath gets his power!

«Hero kneels in front of a shelf»

Hero: This looks promising…

«Scene fades»

The Origins of Master Nulgath, The Archfiend of Adimonde

«Scene fades»

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