The Order and the Legion


«Hero and Darkon inside Paladin Fortress»

Darkon: So. It's as I feared. The Legion has infiltrated the Order… and corrupted it.
Darkon: I don't want to believe Adventus - our OWN LEADER - could behind this!
Darkon: There is no other option left to us. To cleanse the Order, we MUST purge the darkness.

«Hero, Darkon and their loyal Seraphic Paladins confronting Adventus and his loyal Seraphic Paladins»

Adventus: Commander! Explain yourself. What is the meaning of this… insult?

Darkon: We know you of your dealings with Dage, Adventus. You sold out us out for your own glory!
Darkon: There is no place for traitors here!

«Adventus eyes glow blue»

Adventus: You treasonous piece of shadow-filth!
Adventus: Your lies are exactly why we are fracturing. I will NOT let you tear down what I - what WE - have worked so hard to build!

Darkon: I swore an oath to protect and further the cause of Good.
Darkon: I serve the Order, Adventus. Not YOU.

Adventus: Everything I have ever done was for the good of the Order.
Adventus: No matter what the cost.

«Adventus' loyal "Seraphic Paladins" take off their helms and show their true self - Infiltrators of Dage»

Darkon: Brothers! Sisters! There's your proof!

«Scene fades»

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