The Orchard



«Scene: The Hero and Captain Lore are with Totengeld outside the factory gate.»

Totengeld: You can't stop me, you know!

Captain Lore: We HAVE stopped you, Totengeld.

Totengeld: For now! Eventually I WILL be released from jail again.
Totengeld: And when that happens, my factory and my minions will be waiting for me.

Captain Lore: No.
Captain Lore: I won't let you continue to ruin Lore with your filth!

«Close up of Captain Lore, who has some PowerDrank in hand.»

Captain Lore: You love your PowerDrank so much! Tell, me, Totengeld…

«Captain Lore forces PowerDrank into Totengeld's mouth. In the back, the Hero jumps in surprise.»

Captain Lore: How does it taste?

«Totengeld rises to his feet. His eyes glow a bright green.»

Totengeld: I think…
Totengeld: I think… I have always wanted my own orchard.

«Totengeld walks away, with his hands in his pockets.»

Hero: Well… that was weird.

Captain Lore: Taken down by his own mind-control drink. How fitting!

Hero: Yeah. I guess we'll see how well that stuff actually works.

Captain Lore: Oh, he'll behave himself now. And if he doesn't…

«Close up of Captain Lore.»

Captain Lore: I'll be calling on you to help me take him down again.

«Scene fades»

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