The Orb


«Scene: the Orb of Nature, lying in a flower»

«Scene: Aria stands next to the orb»

Aria: That's it! The Orb of Nature.

«Scene: the Hero and Fae appear too»

Aria: I can feel the power radiating off of it. Drawing me to it.

«Aria tries to pick up the orb with her crab claws, but it vanishes»

Aria: What?

«Scene: Tera appears in a flash of light»

Tera: No, no, no. This isn't for you.

Aria: Yeah? Who are YOU to decide that?

Tera: You can call me Tera. I'm the guardian of this Orb.
Tera: I can't allow anyone near it. Its power is too great.

Aria: Too great?
Aria: When will everyone stop underestimating me? I'm the Champion of Nature!
Aria: And I'm tired of being treated like a helpless child!

Tera: Helpless? No. And not a child.
Tera: But… maybe not quite ready yet, either - as your display of temper shows.
Tera: Having power doesn't mean knowing how to use it.
Tera: So, be strong.
Tera: Hone your talents.
Tera: Strengthen your bond with the Plane of Nature.
Tera: Then, maybe you get the Orb.

«Tera vanishes in a cloud of pollen, leaving the Hero, Fae, and Aria coughing»

«Scene fades»

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