The Onslaught Continues


«Scene: Elius and Tyndarius»

Elius: Lord Tyndarius, we have nearly conquered Dwarfhold, Darkovia, and Bloodtusk.
Elius: Our troops have headed to the West and the South to conquer the capitals of the Good and Evil factions.
Elius: But, may I be candid, is this really necessary to reclaim the Embersea?

Tyndarius: You were still young when we lost our home.
Tyndarius: While the Avatars had forsaken us, resulting in our defeat, it was the Alliance of Good and Evil that they supported.
Tyndarius: They brought that Demon Dragon to our lands, seeking to slaughter not only our troops, but our civilians.
Tyndarius: If it were not for our valiant troops that gave their lives that day, we would have been massacred.
Tyndarius: If we don't crush them now, there is no telling what they will do. They may get desperate and unleash something despicable.

Elius: Understood, but still, there are people getting hurt…

Tyndarius: People get hurt in war, Elius, it is our job to make sure it's our enemies.

Elius: And did you have to turn <Hero>'s friend against him?

«Dark Screen»

Tyndarius: That… That was personal. That man is the one who stole the Onslaught from me, leading them to flee our home, losing it to Rimescar.
Tyndarius: He needs to suffer.

«Normal Screen»

Elius: And you trust the reclamation of the Embersea to him?

Tyndarius: Oh, this is just the beginning. Once we have crushed their forces, we'll have every Onslaught member march on Rimescar's fortress…
Tyndarius: And burn it to the ground!!!

«Scene fades»

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