The Only Solution


«Warlic is examining Rayst's response»

Warlic: If the Tower magi are correct then things are more dire than I feared.

Hero: Rayst mentioned that it might have to do with the crystallized mana core in the center of Lore.

«Warlic nods»

Warlic: That seems to be the only reasonable conclusion.
Warlic: It means that we will have to journey to the center of Lore and fox the problem if we can.

Hero: Great how to we get down there?

Warlic: If I tried to teleport us down there we could end up anywhere with the ley lines acting up.
Warlic: I'm afraid that we're going to have to…
Warlic: *sigh* …ask Cysero to devise a way to get down.

Hero: Cysero? Won't his magic be affected too?

Warlic: Yes but HIS magic is based on improbability. It's ALWAYS unpredictable.
Warlic: Besides, we need a creative solution and he's far better at thinking around corners than I am.

«Scene fades»

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