The Once and Future Kings


«Scene: Kyron and the Hero in a tent, with Talmin facing away from them»

Kyron: Talmin! Stop this madness!

Talmin: That you, Kyron? I thought I smelled the stink of cowardice.

Kyron: Drop your weapon and come with us.
Kyron: I know what you've done to the people of this land, but you can still come back to the city with me.
Kyron: I can help you lead a normal life!

Talmin: And turn my back on my troupe? Like you did? No, I will not abandon my family.

«Talmin gets up»

Talmin: That's where we differ, Kyron.
Talmin: You left us, leaderless and broken, out on the Steppe. Now pay for your betrayal, coward!

«Talmin charges at the Hero and Kyron»

«Scene fades to white»

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