The North Mountains


«Scene: The Hero meets with Demento in the Northlands.»

Demento: It's good to see you alive and well, <Hero>.
Demento: I was unsure of your health when I left, but you've made a speedy recovery.

Hero: Thank you, Demento. I'm alive because of you and Galanoth.

Demento: It's nothing you wouldn't do for either of us.
Demento: Now, I've scouted ahead and found a cave just up this mountain.
Demento: It is where I believe the Frozen Claymore is located.
Demento: This legendary weapon is said to have been forged by the Avatars themselves… and to have the ability to nullify fire powers.
Demento: It will give us the edge we need to defeat Akriloth.

Hero: Alright! Then I'll just head up there and grab it!

Demento: This will be no easy task, <Hero>. There's a reason the Frozen Claymore is still on that mountain!
Demento: The path ahead of us is nearly impenetrable, and filled with deadly ice monsters.
Demento: Even if you reach the cave, its entrance is sealed by the ancient guardian, Izotz, who watches over the Claymore.
Demento: And if you manage to break the seal, you'll still have to contend with HIM.
Demento: The guardian, Izotz, is said to have watched over this area for centuries.
Demento: Some legends say that he was created by the Ice Avatar himself.

Hero: So, he's kind of a big deal. Got it. I'll be careful.

Demento: <Hero>, if we fail here, there is no hope in stopping Akriloth…

Hero: Then we better get moving!

«Scene fades.»

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