The Mysterious Reveal


«Scene: Inside the Cursed Item Shop»

Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Oh, very good! You're still alive!
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: …Now, give me the robe, as we agreed.
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Did you ever notice how, sometimes in video games, no matter what answer you choose, you get the same outcome?

Hero: Huh?

Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Skudly, it's tea time.
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Two lumps!
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Skudly! I said TWO!

Skudly: Skudly is no gud at da cownting.

Plank: See? I told you she'd come here!

Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Right you are Plank! Now, let's see how it fits!

«Scene: Thunderstorm seen outside the shop»

Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Fits like a glove.
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: And now… it's time to call for a meeting with all of the villains on our list.

Plank: A very good move, Dr. Darkwood.

Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Call me "Mysterious" from now on. We don't want to tip our hand just yet.
Dr. Dryden Darkwood: Skudly! Get Plank. We are returning to the castle.

(ALL): What?!?! YOU"RE the SHOPKEEPER?!?

Sekt: Wait. So, where is <Hero> now?

Mysterious Figure: HAHAHAHAHA. (Obligatory evil laughter)
Mysterious Figure: You know what is REALLY funny?
Mysterious Figure: The whole time we've been sitting here listening to your stories…
Mysterious Figure: ..about how <Hero> beat you, whooped you, defeated and embarrassed each of you…
Mysterious Figure: <Hero> has been in the dungeon below this very castle!

(ALL): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sekt: <Hero> is HERE?

Pax: Wait.. what!?

Groglurk: Seriously, He/She is trapped in this Castle's dungeon RIGHT NOW?

Mysterious Figure: Yes.
Mysterious Figure: *smiles darkly*
Mysterious Figure: …and now it is time for the grand finale!
Mysterious Figure: Ready to find out why you're all REALLY here?


«Scene fades»

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