The Mysterious Egg

«Scene: Brightfall»

Mirror Drakath: My apologies, your magesty. I just got word of the attack.
Mirror Drakath: But it looks like <Hero> has already solved your problem!
Mirror Drakath: Any luck finding the source of that signal?

Hero: I was just homing in on the area that Warlic and Cysero gave me.

Gravelyn: It appears to be the monolith in the square.

Mirror Drakath: It must be encased inside this stone, somehow.
Mirror Drakath: Gravelyn, what is this monolith? I don't want to damage it, if it has deep meaning.

Gravelyn: I don't know. I don't think anyone does. It was there before Brightfall was moved to the back of Victorious.
Gravelyn: I doubt even Victorious knows where it came from. It is that old.

«Scroll to the monolith»

Gravelyn: But as for damaging it…

«Gravelyn cuts the monolith in two»

Hero: Whoa. This thing is going crazy. That egg… whatever it is… is what we're looking for.

Gravelyn: It is beautiful!

Mirror Drakath: It's a DRAGON EGG. But it's like none I've ever seen before.
Mirror Drakath: Now that it's free of the stone I can feel the multiverse coming back into balance.
Mirror Drakath: You are no longer in danger, <Hero>.

«Scene change to Drakath»

Xang: Master, must I go back home?

Drakath: Only for a short time, my sweet.
Drakath: I sense that balance is returning to the Multiverse.
Drakath: You must obtain whatever is beginning to balance <hero>'s presence in the Mirror Realm.

Xing: We will not fail you, Master.

Drakath: Be sure that you do not.

«Drakath swaps Xing/Xang»

«Scene change: Brightfall»

Hero:But why would a Dragon Egg balance…

Xing: Sorry, Hero. Drakath has other plans for this!

Mirror Drakath: I do not!

Xang: Not you.

Xing/Xang: Hehehehehehehehe!

«Xing and Xang disappear with the egg»

Mirror Drakath: !!!
Mirror Drakath: We must get it back!
Mirror Drakath: They won't be able to cross over for a while. They must be hiding it here.

Hero: Great, now all we have to do is search the whole Mirror Realm for where they could be hiding!

Mirror Drakath: If they take it back to your side and give it to Drakath, you will be trapped here!

Hero: Or if they break it, I'm dead….

To Be Continued.

«Scene fades»

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